Hot Drinks

To produce our lovely coffee we use Tchibo Café Grande, a blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans. Café Grande gets its unique, intensive aroma by the caramelisation process during the roasting of the bean creating a sophisticated speciality coffee. We offer Decaffeinated coffee and tea.



A mug of Twinings traditional English breakfast tea.


A shot of espresso infused with hot water served black or with cold milk on the side.

Small £2.35

Regular £2.65

Flat White

A shot of espresso infused water and hot milk.

Small £2.35

Regular £2.65

Caffe Latte

Small £2.55

Regular £2.75


A shot of espresso infused with hot milk and a thick layer of foam, topped with a light dusting of chocolate.

Small £2.55

Regular £2.75

Caffe Mocha

A layer of chocolate syrup with a single shot Cappuccino on top.

Small £2.75

Regular £2.95

Hot Chocolate

Luxurious, rich and creamy chocolate.

Small £2.60

Regular £2.85

Haven Special Hot Chocolate

Luxurious, rich and creamy chocolate served with whipped cream and a choice of either M&M’s, Maltesers or marshmallows.


Dorset Tea

A selection of Dorset teas:

Blackberry Syllabub
Cool Camomile
Wild about Mint
Green Tea with sunshine Lemon
Strawberries & Cream
Foraged Fruits
Ginger & sunshine Lemon
Earl of Dorset


Tchibo Pure Tea

A selection of pure teas made with the finest ingredients:

Fruit infusion with Hibiscus & Raspberry
Rooibos, Orange & Caramel
Earl Grey


Flavoured Syrups


Add syrup to your coffee or hot chocolate.